Pacific Marine Defence


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David started as Leading Hand in the Polebridge section of Pacific Marine Batteries and then moved into the role of Leading Hand Cell Assembly. Having worked previously in the Textile trades David has a keen eye for detail, something needed as all other departments feed their finished materials into his area. David comes to Pacific Marine Batteries  after 18 years in the Textile area having worked for Actil as a textile mechanic then Production Supervisor. David runs a small workforce responsible for the assembly of the finished product at Pacific Marine Batteries.
Scott started as a welder in the Polebridge section and after a short period of time became Leading Hand of that Department. Scott has had a long relationship with the Manufacturing sector in South Australia having spent 11 years in the Fabrication Departments of Tubemakers of Australia and Air International prior to Pacific Marine Batteries. Scott schedules work for and maintains a workforce of 11 people covering a variety of work as diverse as Electroplating, Die Casting, Welding, Decommissioning and Powder Coating.

Wayne, a fully qualified Electrician, spent 3 years learning the intricacies  of the Commissioning Department before moving to full time Maintenance duties. 2010 saw Wayne taking over the Leadership role of the Maintenance Department.

Wayne comes from a background in the Electrical Trades having done an apprenticeship   in Electrical  Trades with GM-H Woodville. After spending 7 years in the Automotive trade Wayne moved to the Textile trade next spending 18 years with Actil as an Electrical Shift Leading Hand.

Wayne is constantly keeping up to date in the Electrical  field and has 10 years of post trade schooling.

Wayne has Certificates in Program Logic Controllers, Industrial Electronics, High Voltage Switching, Certificate IV in Frontline Management as well as being a registered A Class Electrician.